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android app development service in delhi

What is Android App Development

Mobile is changing the whole world in its very own way in terms of communication and seeking information where almost everyone is equipped with smartphone,The android app has emerged as the latest frontier in app development, as more and more users regularly access the apps on smartphones.Due to which they are addicted to have best in the buisness.

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NEVOM'S Android App Development Service

We Provide best android app with the help of our highly experienced development team nevom never let down there clients and always bring out the best.We provide solutions related to Android Apps.Our design and quality is always on the higher side.

 Android  app development service in india

TRANSITION TO THE Android App Development

Changes in the App state

The Android app is itself responsible for managing prior tasks for better transition,However The Os is always in the commanding mode and manage available resources for Apps also controls the app while it is running in background.

Initializing The App

Whenever You click on Android app instantly it changes its state and OS call the app and its state changes from inactive to active.


Many times we face interruption while using an app such as call or accessing another app at the same time in this case application moves into inactive mode if we ignore the hindrance or when we finish the another task and trying to access app again it comes into action.

Processing in the Background

Android OS facilitates users to easily switch from one appllication to another there can be two states either app will continue running in the backgroud or it will be terminated by OS


Android is most popular operating system in current days because of its user friendly nature developers can make application according to the market demand.

BENEFITS OF Android App Development.

  • Easy installation process.
  • Multi network access.
  • Hardware compatiblity.
  • User friendly and innovative.
  • Exceptional UI?UX!
  • Huge audience.
  • We can reserve the name for app to develop in future.
  • easy approval process.
  •  Android development service in india

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